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Our mission is to honor the funeral service, having always in mind respect for human life and dignity. In moments of sorrow and pain we seek, through a personalized advice service to answer all the needs of our customers, and help in finding the best solutions in performing the funeral service, in a clear and transparent.


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In times of mourning, we promise to take care of all your needs. We promise to provide you with professional service and advice in difficult times. We provide a range of services we hope to help you when you need it most. Our service ensures that the repatriation of the deceased return to the country of origin for your funeral, if that is your desire.

We promise to relieve his stress and pressure of the situation at this time difficult. Call us anytime to request a service professional.


- Personalized service
- Permanent memorial service.
- Treatment of funerals abroad and anywhere in the country
- Cremations
- Translocation
- Exhumation Exhumation and for cremation
- Floral arrangements for funerals
- Treatment of documentation for the health insurance fund, and cemeteries
- Sales of religious items
- Assistance to graves
- Embalming
- Maintenance of coffins